The Southern Smoke Family

Frank Robertson


Frank is a misplaced Texan who moved to the Charleston area while serving in the U.S. Airforce. 10 Years later, Charleston is now home to him, his wife Abbey and their three children. After years of experience in the cigar industry, Frank has developed a passion for cigar culture and a wealth of knowledge regarding cigar manufacturers. He is now proud to own his own business where he can provide clients a completely unique and customizable cigar experience.

Frank's favorite cigar?

"My love affair with cigars began at age 15 when I was allowed to buy one from the local shop (contingent on me not saying a word to anyone...EVER). I had no idea what I wanted or what made a cigar "better" than the next. I assumed it was like booze; that the best stuff is kept on the top shelf. So all 4' 10" of me climbed the first two bottom shelves to reach for a cigar that I couldn't even see. I happened to grab a Padron 1964 Anniversary Principe! I smoked it later that day in the barn behind our house and instantly fell in love! Since that day, the Padron 64 has been my favorite and for good reason. Just like a guy never forgets his first kiss or first true love, this cigar will forever hold a special place in my heart."

Taylor Bostwick

Taylor Bostwick


Taylor is an active duty naval serviceman working on a degree in Civil Engineering at the Citadel. Originally from Houston, Texas, he loves cigars, bourbon and shooting stuff. Married to Jenna, the two share a home out in the country with their two year old son.

Taylor's favorite cigar?

"The Padron 64 is easily one of the finest cigars made today. It has top notch construction, great flavor throughout with an even burn and a cool draw. This cigar is never too hot to hold or to smoke all the way down to the nub. Perfect."


Abbey Robertson

Booking & Public Relations

Originally from Charlotte, NC, Abbey has a background in property management and high end retail. While she still enjoys working, she is passionate about spending time with her children, having date-nights with her husband, Frank or sharing a glass of wine with friends.

Abbey's favorite cigar?

"I love the smell of a maduro or a CAO cigar because it takes me back to memories of sitting around the fire pit with friends and Frank while we were dating. That familiar smell reminds me of when I first fell in love with my husband."

Jenna Bostwick

Jenna Bostwick


Originally from Charleston, SC, Jenna's background is in customer service and communications. Wife to Taylor, she is a stay at home mom to their two year old son. She loves to throw a party complete with good friends, good food and good drinks (usually frozen margaritas).

Jenna's favorite cigar?

"It's the cigar my husband smoked to celebrate the arrival of our son, the Rocky Patel Vintage '90. My friends thought I was crazy for letting the guys over for a smoke with a newborn in the house. But upon finishing his cigar that night, my husband came up with a plan that would allow me to stay home with our son permanently."

Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you service?
Southern Smoke is a mobile cigar lounge servicing the Charleston area. We will consider traveling to any event outside of Charleston with associated travel fees.

How big is your lounge?
Our lounge is 34 feet long and comfortably seats 16-18 guests. The maximum occupancy at all times is 20 guests.

Who operates the lounge?
Knowledgable and personable tobacconists will be on hand to welcome and serve guests to ensure everyone is having an enjoyable cigar experience.

Does your lounge have a humidor?
Our lounge is equipped with a large cabinet humidor. Guests are welcome to purchase any inventory from our humidor with cash or credit cards. For rentals, the client has the option to offer any selection from the humidor at their expense.

What types of cigars do you offer?
Our carefully curated inventory includes a wide array of mild, medium and full-bodied cigars.

Does the lounge rental include cigars?
Lounge rental pricing does not include cigars. Let us put together a custom cigar package that is unique to you and your event.

Is alcohol allowed in the lounge?
Alcohol is permitted in the lounge, but Southern Smoke does not sell alcohol.

Can you smoke cigarettes in the lounge?
Cigarette smoking is not allowed in the lounge.

Does the lounge have air-conditioning?
Our lounge is climate controlled and is equipped with an exhaust system to control the amount of smoke inside. The lounge is powered by a very quiet generator.

How much time for set up?
Southern Smoke will arrive at the event an hour before the rental period begins in order to set up the lounge. After the rental period ends, Southern Smoke requires approximately an hour to make the lounge travel-ready and leave the event location.